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Granite Pack -K9 Care is a family-run dog daycare business located in Aberdeen. We ensure your dogs get regular exercise & socialisation, allowing you complete peace of mind that they’re getting the care, stimulation & fun they need!'



Whether you have human kids or your pets are your only “children,” there’s no denying that animals really are members of the family. After all, they wake up next to you, cuddle with you when you’re sad, and occasionally pester you to get their needs met, just like kids do. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that choosing care for your pet is a big decision.

At Granite Pack our daycare allows dogs to get dropped off and enjoy a full day of fun playing with other pups, while the humans are at work or running errands. Not only does your pup get out for the day, but they are also taught manners and socialisation, which will make your life easier when you take them for a walk or to the dog park. You can opt for doggy day care every day or just as an occasional treat to keep your pup entertained and help them get some exercise.

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Granite Pack is open for dog daycare Monday to Friday between 7am & 7pm, allowing you to drop off your dog at a time that suits you.

We take dogs of all breeds, sizes and age. You can book in for a day here and there or a full week, whatever suits you.

Daycare usually entails a lot of dog socialisation and group play but we can discuss your pets specific requirements before their first day to enable us to appropriately match each dogs personalities.

"Mark and his team have been looking after Kahn from the first day they opened Doggie Daycare. Amazing place! Kahn never got on with other dogs after a bad experience elsewhere so was a lonely boy with no doggie friends. Mark instinctively knows which dogs Kahn will get on with and he now has friends.  Would never leave my boy anywhere else. Total piece of mind."

— Janet

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